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Lead Line Cook

Part/Full Time

Rambling House seeks positive, hardworking team members. Applicants must be enthusiastic, organized, responsible, and willing to learn new skills, take on leadership tasks, and to grow with the company. The ideal candidate has a passion for the craft of cooking and is eager to work in a high-energy, creative atmosphere.


Rambling House Food and Gathering seeks a passionate lead line cook with a desire to grow within the company.

A lead line cook will be responsible for assisting the head chef in the smooth running and efficiency of the kitchen, performing tasks ranging from from-scratch menu prep to cooking meals to order.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Food preparation

  • From-scratch cooking (including sauces, dressings, marmalades, etc.)

  • Performing all the tasks assigned by the Head Chef

  • Ensuring all the kitchen stations are well stocked

  • Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen at all times

  • Meeting the food sanitation and hygiene requirements

  • Overseeing the line and rounds cooks, occasionally assigning tasks

  • Checking inventory and supervising their quality

  • Assisting Head Chefs as and when required

  • Garnishing the dishes and plating the food items

  • Adhering to the food rotation practices to minimize food wastage



  • Varied knowledge and ability in commercial kitchen skills (must be proficient in various food procedures and techniques)

  • Proficiency in preparing and cooking steak

  • Proficiency in knife handling

  • Good organizational skills

  • An understanding of food sanitation and safety

  • A respect for limiting food waste

  • The ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and often physically demanding work environment

  • A willingness to communicate openly, take constructive criticism and direction, and to grow within the company

  • An attention to detail and presentation, and pride in a finished product

  • Proof of 3 – 4 years of working experience as a Lead Line Cook, Cook, or a similar role in the Hospitality industry

The ideal candidate is skilled in and/or is willing to learn:

  • From-scratch cooking methods

  • Smoking meat and seafood

  • Seasonal sourcing and cooking

  • Basic butchery skills


We offer a competitive benefits package for full time employees, including 401(K) with company matching, health insurance, and dental insurance options.


At Rambling House and TaleSpinner, we seek to engender a positive and inclusive environment for all of our guests, but we firmly believe our staff is also an integral part of that community. The well-being, happiness, and cohesion of our team is paramount to our mutual success, as is our team's belief in our mission to gather, feed, and educate in an environment of inclusivity, sustainability, and quality.

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