Craft Beer Bartender

Part/Full Time

TaleSpinner Brewery seeks responsible, personable, curious, and knowledgeable craft beer bartenders. All applicants must be safety & liability minded. Previous experience is required.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Possessing a love for craft beer and a wide-ranging appreciation and understanding of a variety of beer styles

  • Greeting, interacting with, and taking drink requests from guests

  • Following and enforcing all company, state, and federal safety guidelines, protocols, training, and laws

  • Identifying all guests, verifying ages, and carefully assessing behavior before serving

  • Maintaining control of and being mindful and aware of guests' alcohol intake and behaviors

  • Maintaining an understanding of and control over guest safety and service

  • Pouring and serving craft beer for customers and properly packaging craft beer for customer off-site consumption

  • Receiving education on and training for promoting TaleSpinner beers

  • Receiving education on and training for Rambling House restaurant collaborations and pairings

  • Helping to facilitate bar menu food service between customers and Rambling House waitstaff

  • Maintaining and filling bar supplies as needed; prepping garnishes, pulling supplies, preparing drinkware and to-go containers

  • Communicating with management on supplies and inventory needs

  • Sanitizing and cleaning after guests depart

  • Maintaining a clean and safe working environment

  • Washing and drying bar glasses and materials

  • Cleaning front of house areas at the end of shift

  • Selling merchandise and event tickets, as well as promoting in-house events

  • Managing cash drawer balance

Physical requirements

  • Handling, moving, and carrying heavy items such as kegs, cases of beer, glass jugs of beer, glassware drying racks, and boxes of glassware, as well as utilizing the necessary equipment (e.g., dollies)

  • Meeting keg lifting requirements (~ 65 pounds to 30” height without assistance, and ~165 pounds sliding short distances or lifting with a partner to 30” height)

  • Frequent climbing up and down stairs carrying items such as beer orders in various size glassware

  • Ability to wash glassware and to-go jugs in a 3-bay sink, using appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, safety glasses)

  • The ability to perform duties while wearing a face covering that provides the minimum level of protection recommended or required by local and federal authorities.

  • Maintaining physical stamina while standing and moving for full shifts


Qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer service skills

  • Consistent professionalism

  • Proper and current certification

  • Hospitality skills: ability to greet and interact with guests in a welcoming and personable manner

  • Liability and safety awareness: willingness to hold personal, guest, employee and company safety as a top priority

  • Common sense: the ability to apply safety and liability training to all situations on the job

  • Teamwork skills: work closely with team and management to ensure effective, safe, and professional performance, and follow a positive and creative culture

  • Conflict resolution skills: the ability to provide and discuss customer feedback with management


We offer a competitive benefits package for full time employees.

About the Company

At Rambling House and TaleSpinner, we seek to engender a positive and inclusive environment for all of our guests, but we firmly believe our staff is also an integral part of that community. The well-being, happiness, and cohesion of our team is paramount to our mutual success, as is our team's belief in our mission to gather, feed, and educate in an environment of inclusivity, sustainability, and quality.